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Caring For Your Jewellery

Whilst all care is made to ensure that jewellery and accessories are strong and durable, as with any accessory, it is advised that you don't wear in situations where unecessary strain may be put on items, i.e. whilst playing sports, and in the shower. Charms and beads are waterproof, but findings may rust under prolonged water exposure. Please treat items with care to ensure longer lifetime.

Fimo charms are made well, but occasionally weaker parts, such as pieces which stick out from the main body of the piece, or head pins, may fall off. You can easily fix them with some superglue, or send them back for a repair.

Please remember that handmade charms may vary from charm to charm, and may not always be perfect or exactly matching. If you are really unhappy, feel free to email me at
Colours may vary in real life, due to your monitor settings.

Important note -
Please keep jewellery away from children under 3. Items may provide a choking hazard.